Why do I need a Managed IT Service provider?

Even in a small office, managing your IT infrastructure is an important, and often overlooked, job. Many professional service providers across lots of fields will just call their local ISP, get internet service and WiFi in the office, maybe a network connected printer, and you’re good to go! That doesn’t sound like much infrastructure to manage, right?

After some time, though, your computer starts to act funny. Maybe it’s running slow? Maybe there’s ads popping up over your websites while you’re researching an issue? Have you ever had your computer crash when you’re 3 pages into writing a client document that you hadn’t saved yet? Small quirks can lead to big problems…

Someone you know suggests that you need to “defrag” and “check” your hard disk, and tells you not to worry about what that means, just do it and it’ll speed up. And it will almost certainly make a difference for you. You don’t need managed IT … you have that niece studying computers in college, and she’ll help you out!

You will eventually realize you probably need an AntiVirus program to help protect you PC, and because you’re savvy you can install and maintain it yourself. However, even the best AV can’t protect against the next new 0-day exploit. What’s that, you ask? Simple — it’s just a “new” security issue … the term is used to refer to an exploit or a virus on the first day it was discovered: day 0. So now you have two issues: first, you need to keep your AV up to date, all the time, to stay current against new attacks as they’re fixed; and second: how can you protect yourself against 0-day attacks in the first place?

Now you’re getting into network security. You might think this is as simple as putting a password on your WiFi, and maybe enabling “guest access” for your clients, so they can’t bring viruses into your network, so you’re safe, right? But then, you connect your laptop to the WiFi at the coffee shop … uh oh …

Also, it’s been a while now – when was the last time you “defragged” your laptop? It’s starting to get sluggish again… and you’ve been dismissing that AV update dialog for a few weeks now, because you have to focus on running your business and haven’t had the time to update that yet. And why are you still getting these pop ups?

Still at the coffee shop? That cup of coffee is pretty close to your laptop keyboard… your property insurance has you covered if you knock it over, right? Because your laptop manufacturer’s warranty definitely doesn’t cover liquid damage. But what about the 3 weeks of data you have on there since the last time you remembered to backup your computer. You do have a backup, right? How many billable hours did you just lose?

How many non-billable hours have you spent chasing issues on your computer? Even if you have the expertise to do it yourself, is that where you want to spend your time right now?

Managed IT Services provided by ZBL handle these day to day concerns for you. We actively monitor your computers for issues, and resolve them proactively. We keep your software up to date: operating system updates, antivirus definitions, all the latest patches for Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and whatever else you happen to be running. We protect your computers from attacks as best we can regardless of whether you’re in the office, on your home network, in the airport, or at the coffee shop. We offer backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery packages — because even we have spilled coffee in our laptops before.

What’s more: Managed IT Services pay for themselves. Think hard about how much time you’ve spent over the past three months frustrated with your computer. Is it 6 hours? 10? If you have several employees and a few computers – it was probably even higher than that. Now do that math: Multiply that time by your billable rate, and then by your utilization rate, and divide by the number of computers you have. How much has managing it yourself cost your business?

Now call ZBL, and let us handle the technicalities so you can run your business.

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