About ZBL Services, Inc.

ZBL Services, Inc (“ZBL”), based in Concord, NH, was founded by Timothy C. Fanelli in 2015. Through ZBL Consulting Services, Tim brings two decades of large-enterprise IT experience across a wide range of technology to your Small or Medium Business.

Tim is a technology integrator with experience working with New England’s largest financial, telecommunication, retail, health care, and claims processing industries. Tim has consulted for CIOs and CTOs in Fortune 100 companies across the country, as well as independent entrepreneurs in fledging startups. Tim has designed and delivered solutions ranging cloud services solutions, to custom on promise software, and even autonomous self-monitoring farming equipment. Regardless of the ask, Tim has built his career, and reputation, on the idea his success is proven only by yours.

His career culminated in the foundation of ZBL Services, Inc in 2015 coinciding with a relocation to Concord, NH.

Prior to Concord, Tim lived in the northern foothills of the Adirondack Park in New York, where he enjoyed a quiet, familial community and entrepreneurial Main Street shops and small businesses. This is where the idea for ZBL Consulting was conceived, but ZBL Services, Inc needed to gain its footing, first.

With ZBL well established in its fourth year, Tim is thrilled to be able to offer Consulting Services to the small and medium business community in the greater Concord area. Tim, and ZBL, are proud to call Concord “home” and look forward to building relationships you by providing elegant solutions, backed by big enterprise expertise, with the focus and attention you expect from your trusted advisors.

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