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Why Choose ZBL Services, Inc?

E-mail security, compliance, and encryption

E-mail is pervasive, as are the threats that come with it. Not only can attackers send you viruses, ransomware, or malware via e-mail, human error can lead to sensitive data leaking out of your business too! When you onboard with ZBL Services, your mailboxes are enrolled in our enterprise security and compliance program which scans inbound emails for attack vectors before they reach you, and enforces customized compliance controls on all outgoing e-mail, to keep your business, and your clients, safe. 

24×7 Monitoring and Unlimited Support

Has your ability to be productive ever been limited by your computer’s functionality? Anything from a simple slow-down, to that nuisance software update alert, to a crash or failure can severely impact your bottom line. Devices enrolled in ZBL’s managed services through your business are monitored 24×7, 365 and issues are addressed proactively, often before you even know there was an issue. When you need help beyond that, just call. Your subscription comes with unlimited support and service for enrolled devices.

Rapid Recovery and Minimal Downtime

Things happen. We’re all susceptible to malware and ransomware which can make your computers or servers unusable. Burst pipes, spilled coffee, and other unexpected disasters can knock your computer offline. How long can your business tolerate being offline? ZBL can have you back in business in hours, not days.


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A managed service provider, or MSP, provides IT services for your business. It’s an outsourced IT department. The services provided by an MSP take a different approach to managing your computers, devices, and networks than you might be used to: active monitoring and preventative maintenance, rather than passive DIY and reactive fixes. To understand the… Read More

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Even in a small office, managing your IT infrastructure is an important, and often overlooked, job. Many professional service providers across lots of fields will just call their local ISP, get internet service and WiFi in the office, maybe a network connected printer, and you’re good to go! That doesn’t sound like much infrastructure to… Read More

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Last week, ProPublica released a feature about “high tech” solutions to recover your systems after a Ransomware attack. Between 2016 and 2018, 79% of Managed IT Service Providers reported ransomware attacks against their SMB clients. ZBL offers comprehensive protection against attacks, including anti virus, endpoint protection, firewall, and VPN solutions. But no matter how good… Read More

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