What to Expect

Asking for help with technology, and with your business, can be anxiety inducing. The contact page provides such a simple form, but it can be difficult to know exactly what to say when you’re not even sure what’s possible.

Rest assured. ZBL is here to help.

When you submit the contact form your message is sent directly to Tim. Not a service, or mailbox that might be checked only once every 24 hours. It delivers directly to Tim’s inbox and will usually be seen within minutes. Use the form to provide a brief overview of who you are, and what problem(s) you would like help with.

Tim will get back to you, usually within an hour or two, to start the conversation. The initial consultation will usually take place via phone and last about 30 minutes. If you are particularly busy, please provide several times when it is most convenient to reach you. Evening hours are perfectly fine, as well.

We’ll use that 30 minutes to discover if your problem is something that we can work together to solve. From there, we will schedule a meeting to discuss how to achieve your goals and build a successful solution. We’ll devise a project plan based on the ZBL Methodology below, and once we are in agreement, can get to work right away.

ZBL’s methodology unfolds in three phases:

1) Get to know you and your business in order to experience the problem we need to solve. We will design and propose a solution together so that not only is the problem well understood, but the solution is targeted and clear.

2) Solution design and implementation. This phase will vary in form and duration depending on the nature of the problem. Elegance is an art, and art takes time; but a well crafted solution designed together in phase 1 lends itself to quick resolution in this phase.

3) Training and transfer. This is the part where you become the expert so that you can move forward independently, and confidently. You will receive hands on training on how to use the solution effectively, and documentation necessary to help train others as well.

At this point, the problem may have been solved, but the relationship has only just begun. ZBL operates on the principal of being your trusted advisor, not your service provider. ZBL will be here when you call, be it for this problem or a new one.

ZBL’s success can only be measured by yours, and for that: ZBL is here to help.