ZBL Consulting Services

ZBL Services, Inc, based in Concord, NH, was founded by Timothy C. Fanelli in 2015. Through ZBL’s Consulting Services, Tim brings two decades of large-enterprise IT experience across a wide range of technology to your Small or Medium Business.

Your success and satisfaction is Tim’s primary focus. Unlike IT contractors or larger firms offering “fractional CIO” services, ZBL operates on the idea that simplicity and elegance are foundational to becoming a trusted advisor for your business. ZBL does not seek to develop solutions that lend themselves to ongoing support and long term contracts. Instead, an engagement with ZBL Consulting Services has two, and only two, primary objectives.

1. Design and implement elegant solutions. Elegance is subjective, but Tim sees it as a combination of simplicity and function, rather than form. An elegant solution is easy to understand and simple to use. It fulfills a need, and provides value. Elegance is guaranteed.

2. Train and transfer ownership. An elegant solution should be simple to operate and maintain; so much so, in fact, that you should be able to this yourself, if you choose. Training and education are core to the success of every ZBL project, so that when it is done you have the confidence and knowledge required to carry it forward without us.

That is not to say that ZBL will not be here for you when you need us. ZBL will stand by its solutions, and gauges the success of its business solely on the success of yours. The guarantee of elegance, supported by the promise of training and transfer, is our dedication to quality over recurring billables and required utilization rates.